Wire-Cell News

Updates from the Wire-Cell team.

App components

As Wire-Cell Toolkit is a toolkit, it does not force a top-down structure starting from a main() function. But, it does provide a layered top-down structure that applications may use after taking their own choice of entry point. This post talks about a layer of this structure called a WCT "app".

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Wire-Cell fans

Of course, everyone is a fan of Wire-Cell. This post isn't about you. It's about a common pattern that is found in Wire-Cell data flow graphs and how this pattern is realized at the WCT C++ level and how to form it in WCT configuration.

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Build system cleanup

The Waf-based build system for the toolkit is recently cleaned up and expanded to support user packages. For existing users this change should be invisible. This post gives the details of the change, what to do when updates to the build system are needed and how to use it for to build your own WCT-related packages.

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Containers and Continuous Integration

Previously posts have discussed Singularity containers which were introduced to provide easy development environments. Recently, Docker container descriptions have been developed to introduce Travis-CI continuous integration to the Wire-Cell Toolkit.

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Singularity Containers for WCT and WC/LS Running and Development

As part of an enjoyable tutorial on applying machine learning techniques to LArTPC given by Kazu at BNL we were introduced to Singularity containers. There's been some WCT-related work in the past using Docker containers but that fizzled due to Docker's complexity and usage barrier (even if that leads to better build performance and features). It was immediately clear from Kazu's tutorial that Singularity reduces the usage barrier and would solve a big problem for the WCT team. Namely the difficulties we have in building FNAL's art and LArSoft (LS) software ecosystem on our computers. With Singularity containers we now have a way for just one person to suffer and let many others benefit.

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