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Repository Reorganization

Meet the new wire-cell-toolkit source repository.

Up through the 0.12.x release, the Wire-Cell Toolkit source code was aggregated through the wire-cell-build top-level repository. Starting with the next releases the top-level source package will be wire-cell-toolkit.

The content of the new repository starts with all the same source and history as the old repository. The only difference is that while wire-cell-build aggregated WCT packages using git submodule the new wire-cell-toolkit uses git subtree.

As a consequence, it is much easier for users and most developers to work with the source as the code is available as a single monolithic repository. No more recursive cloning or messing with git submodule.

The reason that submodules were used in the past was that it was envisioned that different developers would work on different "views" of the source code. Each developer would have one or more top level code aggregation packages like the main wire-cell-build with some subset of packages of interest. This pattern of development never took off (although has been used in the Wire-Cell Prototype).

With git subrepo we may still maintain the option to have multiple top-level "aggregation" packages but it will require manual intervention and will only have to be done by experts. For users and most developers, the single monolithic view of the source should make many tasks simpler including:

  • one go-to place for any and all issues
  • simpler cloning, no recursion needed
  • easier contributions via fork + pull request
  • easier branching, particularly simplifying the making of releases.

The old, fine-grained repositories are kept on GitHub but to avoid confusion and complication of any future git subrepo synchronization, direct push access has been removed. Contact the WCT team if you have need for this now deprecated access method.

Enjoy the new monorepo.