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Certifiable Singularity

A new Singularity container is available which provides Kerberos clients, kx509 and other stuff that is needed to download DUNE data.

In a previous post Singularity containers were introduced as the preferred method (by some) for providing a base OS for WCT development and use. Coupled with CVMFS they are very simple way to replicate a Fermilab Scientific Linux UPS ecosystem without moving to Illinois.

The initial container offered was as minimal as possible in order to keep its size small. A new "kitchen sink" container has been started which adds more functionality to the base OS to cover things not provided through Fermilab CVMFS. The latest version adds Kerberos and OSG certs and tools needed to copy DUNE data. It is sl7krb.simg (currently about 430MB).

Using wcdo one can do something like:

wcdo.sh init
wcdo.sh get-image sl7krb
wcdo.sh make-project krb sl7krb

Then, in the container:

kinit bv@FNAL.GOV
ifdh cp gsiftp://fndca1.fnal.gov:2811/pnfs/fnal.gov/usr/dune/tape_backed/dunepro/protodune/np04/beam/detector/None/raw/09/59/90/13/np04_raw_run006520_0110_dl7.root /data/big/bviren/