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New Configuration Data Package

Today a new package joins the WCT family.


This collects the "configuration data" files which are needed for input to WCT. These are generally compressed JSON files which have been converted to a WCT standard format from a variety of sources. The data includes wire geometry, field response, noise spectra and a couple initial deposition files.

Having this repository makes it easier for users to prepare to run WCT. At some point in the future this package may be installed along with the code, but for now, users need to clone this repo. For WCT to locate these files the produced directory needs to be added to the user's WIRECELL_PATH environment variable.

See the README file for details including a summary of the files available and commands to remake these files from their upstream sources.

Previously this data was kept online in a directory dump. That's still there for now. It includes some files not added to GitHub. In particular the "upstream" data from which the JSON files are converted (eg, the Garfield output) can be found. And next door to that directory is a plot dump directory which contains some diagnostic plots related to the conversion of these files which may be useful for experts to browse.