Wire-Cell News

Updates from the Wire-Cell team.

Build Cleanups

Today sees some long needed cleanups in how we build WCT and WCP and their externals. In particular:

  • Jsonnet, as previously announced is now required by WCT has a build package added to wire-cell-spack.
  • A source mirror is now available in case you have trouble getting any required dependencies. The Spack build will use this mirror automatically after being configured as shown in the README file.
  • Besides the tip of the master branch, specific releases starting with 0.5.2 of WCT can now be installed with Spack.
  • The WCP and its dependencies can now be built using wire-cell-spack. WCP uses a subset of the packages that WCT requires and the two can be installed side-by-side sharing these packages.
  • See also this section of the README for recommended way to develop either WCP or WCT code against Spack-built dependencies.
  • The cursed XData package is removed from both WCP and WCT.