Wire-Cell Toolkit Testing

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The Wire-Cell Toolkit (WCT) includes a large number of tests. Developers and users are strongly encouraged to contribute even more.

The tests are not built nor run by default. Typically, normal users to not need to expend the processing time to build and run them. Tests are most needed by developers as they create and fix bugs, release managers preparing a release and expert users that are porting WCT to new platforms.

If you wish to write tests (and, developers, this means you!) read the first topics on the framework and the general document on how to write tests. You may then skip to a specific language. The topics on the data repository will be of interest for basic tests needing input and for historical tests which are then explained.

1. General topics

General topics on WCT testing are available at:

2. Languages

Tests may be developed in a few programming languages. A specific topic for each supported language is avilable:

Author: Brett Viren

Created: 2023-05-03 Wed 11:39