Wire Cell Simulation, Signal Process and Reconstruction Toolki for Liquid Argon Detectors
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 NstdIf we are still before C++14, supply the fodder for doing the "indices trick"
 Cconvert_to_int< T, Char, void >
 Cformatter< arg_join< It, Char >, Char >
 Cformatter< RangeT, Char, typename std::enable_if< fmt::is_range< RangeT >::value >::type >
 Cformatter< std::chrono::duration< Rep, Period >, Char >
 Cformatter< std::tm, Char >
 Cformatter< T, Char, typename std::enable_if< internal::format_type< typename buffer_context< Char >::type, T >::value >::type >
 Cformatter< T, Char, typename std::enable_if< internal::is_streamable< T, Char >::value &&!internal::format_type< typename buffer_context< Char >::type, T >::value >::type >
 Cformatter< TupleT, Char, typename std::enable_if< fmt::is_tuple_like< TupleT >::value >::type >
 Cis_contiguous< internal::basic_buffer< Char > >
 Cis_contiguous< std::basic_string< Char > >